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Estimated tuition and financial aid

Tuition Information

  • $4,000 per program for WFU students*
  • $4,500 per program for non-Wake Forest students*

This covers all expenses related to study in the program (except for books, if any), but does not include housing, airfare, meals, and other incidental expenses.

For students not receiving loan funds, summer tuition is due April 7, 2015. Otherwise, tuition is due when loan funds disburse.

Statement of anticipated student budget

Living expenses vary among London, Vienna, and Venice.  Leaving those differences aside, the tuition, fees, anticipated living expenses, and other expected expenses can be estimated as follows:

Expenses One Program Two Programs
Tuition $4,000* $8,000
Room $1,800** $3,600
Living Expenses $1,500*** $3,000
Transportation to Europe $1,200**** $1,500
Miscellaneous $600 $1,200
Estimated Cost of Attendance $9,100 $17,300


* The tuition amount will be $4,500 for non-Wake Forest students.

** $1,800 is the cost of housing for the Worrell house in London. Your housing expenses may alter if you are not attending London or staying in the Worrell House. Housing in Vienna is the responsibility of the student, though cost should be comparable.

***Living expenses include food, clothing, personal items, etc. Most students may be able to have cheaper living expenses.

****Flight prices vary. This number does not include traveling and the cost of transportation while in Europe.

Financial Aid Information

Financial aid in the form of loans may be available for the summer programs. Please download and read this information sheet about financial aid for our summer programs in 2015. If you have any questions or would like to apply for financial aid, please contact Janet Cromer at at least five weeks before your program starts:

Wake Forest University School of Law
Admissions and Financial Aid Office
Ste. 2305, Worrell Professional Center
P.O. Box 7206
Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Phone: (336) 758-5437

For students not receiving loan funds, summer tuition and housing payment is due April 8, 2015, unless you register after that date. Otherwise, tuition is due when loan funds disburse.

If you are a non-WFU student receiving financial aid:
Please visit your Law school’s financial aid office. Your school will need a copy of our budget, name of our financial aid contact, email or fax number so that they can prepare a consortium agreement for us to sign.

Download this information sheet (pdf) for a copy of our budget.

The financial aid contact is below:
Janet Cromer:
Fax: 336-758-3930
Office: 336-758-4603

Your tuition will be due when your loans disburse.

Payment Information for Wake Forest Students

Wake Forest students can pay their tuition two different ways:

  1. Submit a check payable to “Wake Forest University School of Law” at the University Cashier Office/Student Financial Services, located Reynolda Hall.
  2. Or you may pay online through the Deacon Electronic Account Center (DEAC), which is the online WFU electronic billing system. Students and authorized payers can view student account activity and pay by e-check. Students log in through their WIN account. Parents must be set up as an authorized payer by the student in order to have access and receive e-statement notifications. Please go to the Student Financial Services website for more information and for the parent or student log-in links.

Payment Information for non-Wake Forest Students

Payment by non-Wake Forest students must be paid via  a personal check payable to Wake Forest University School of Law.

Please send all checks too:

Attn: Amber Featherstone
International Graduate Programs Office
Wake Forest Law School
P.O. Box 7206
1834 Wake Forest Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27109

 Changes in course offerings

From time to time, it has been necessary to change the course offerings in our summer programs. If this happens or there are other significant changes to a program in which you are enrolled, we will give you a chance to withdraw from the program and receive a refund of any deposit, tuition or housing fee you have paid. This happens rarely.

Cancellations and refunds

We have never canceled a summer program, but if we must because of limited enrollment or travel or other safety concerns, we will advise you by e-mail or telephone, and we will fully refund your deposit and tuition, as well as any housing fees, you have paid.

If we must cancel a program, we will use our best efforts to make arrangements for each student enrolled to attend a similar program, if the student desires.