Courses Offered in London

London Courses

                      The London summer program will not be offered during the summer of 2018.

History of the English Common Law (2 hours), taught by Professor Tanya Marsh

This course will explore the rich legal heritage of England and the United Kingdom, including the origins of the common law and the creation of the modern court system. Students will trace the roots of the common law tradition, learn about the institutional development of the English system of justice, and examine the role that English common law played in the development of colonial American law.  We will take advantage of our presence in London to visit important structures and documents in the development of English common law.  Field trips are planned to the British Library (to visit an original copy of the 1215 Magna Carta), Central Criminal Court (also known as Old Bailey), the Royal Courts of Justice, and Westminster Abbey (the perfect location to discuss the relationship between ecclesiastical law and the common law).  Students will be evaluated based on short writing assignments.  No prerequisite is required.

Comparative Real Estate Transactions (3 hours), taught by Professor Tanya Marsh

This course will build on the first year Property course to view different aspects of real property law through a comparative lens. Students will learn about how legal doctrines such as landlord/tenant law and mortgage law differ in the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as similarities between the legal doctrines. This course will focus on developing students’ practical skills, reinforcing their understanding of doctrinal law and establishing a strong foundation for upper level real estate courses.  Students will be evaluated on the basis of short and frequent writing assignments including drafting, analyzing, and revising key portions of fundamental real estate documents that may include deeds, mortgages, purchase and sale agreements, and leases. The only prerequisite is Property I.

Wake Forest Law Students: Please note that both of these courses will be offered for Honors Pass/Fail and will count toward the pass/fail allowance given to JD students per the rules in the Student Handbook.

Non-Wake Forest students should confirm that credit for these courses is accepted in their home law school. Grades for non-Wake Forest students will be only on a Pass/Fail basis (with a “C” being the minimum grade to earn a passing grade.)