Courses Offered in London

London 2017 Courses

Comparative Law and Aging (3 hours), taught by Professor Kate Mewhinney
This course examines how countries address what has been called the “silver tsunami” – the rapidly aging demographic.  Through a comparative and international analysis students will learn how different legal systems address similar challenges brought on by increased longevity and fewer births.  The course allows us to compare legal approaches to such issues as retirement ages, pensions and Social Security, appointment of financial surrogates, employment discrimination, filial responsibility and health care policies on long-term care and end-of-life options.  The focus will be on the U.S., U.K. and major European countries, as well as Japan, the European Union, and China.  There are no prerequisites. Students will be graded on class participation, a quiz on fundamentals, and a short research paper to be turned in within a month of the course end.

History of the English Common Law (2 hours), taught by Professor Kate Mewhinney
This course will explore the rich legal heritage of the United Kingdom, including the origins of the common law and the creation of the modern court system. Students will trace the roots of the common law tradition, learn about the institutional development of the English system of justice, and examine the major role judges play in shaping the common law.  As a part of their study, students will attend a guest lecture at Oxford or Cambridge and tour significant sites of legal interest. Students will also delve into the structure of the United Kingdom’s court system and the workings of the parliamentary system by visiting with members of the judiciary and participating in a guided tour of Parliament. Finally, students will be asked to examine legal trends by discussing current events and meeting with members of the local bar.  No prerequisite is required.

Non-Wake Forest students should confirm that credit for these courses is accepted in their home law school. Grades for non-Wake Forest students will be only on a Pass/Fail basis (with a “C” being the minimum grade to earn a passing grade.)