Living in Venice

Venice Guides

  • Click here for Casa Artom’s useful guide on living in Venice. Please note that some of this information is intended for WFU undergraduate students studying for a semester.
  • WFU’s Center for International Studies publishes a guide on living in Venice for Wake’s undergraduate students studying abroad. To download this guide, click here: Venice Student Handbook .  This guide has very useful information about living in Venice and local places to visit. However, please note that part of this guide is intended for undergraduate students studying abroad in Venice during the school year. Some information regarding house contacts and the academic program do not necessarily apply to law students studying in the summer. We are currently working on a Law Venice Guide. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Travel while in Italy

You will have weekends to travel outside of Venice. If you choose to do so, you should consider traveling with others, and leave your itinerary with your faculty director or other students who are staying in Venice. We also suggest letting your parents or emergency contacts back at home know where you will be traveling. Letting others know where you will be (including hostel or hotel information) at all times is a best practice for traveling in case of emergencies and for your safety.

One important note about your travel plans: each year the Venetians have a mid-summer festival that you will not want to miss — the Redentore Feast. It is typically held the third weekend of July.

Helpful websites on things to do in Venice

Suggested Books: If you would like to purchase a travel guide about Italy and/or Venice specifically, we suggest the travel guides by Lonely Planet. These books can be found in most bookstores, through Amazon, or the Lonely Planet website.

 Safety Abroad

For more information about traveling and living abroad, click here.

U.S. State Department Advisories for the United Kingdom can be obtained at