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The Vienna Summer Program

The summer program in Vienna is open to Wake Forest law students, as well as law students from other U.S. law schools.

This program runs for approximately four weeks, typically during the month of July. The dates for summer 2014 are June 30-July 24, 2014. The course(s) offered are fully comprehensible to students who have completed their first year of law school. Some introduction to civil law and EU law will be provided, as needed. Classes are taught at the University of Vienna. The course will be fully comprehensible to students who have completed their first year of law school.

The Vienna summer program builds upon strong relationships between the Wake Forest School of Law and the University of Vienna. English-speaking Austrian students (and students from other European countries who attend the University of Vienna) enroll in classes and participate in all aspects of the program. Moreover, professors from the University of Vienna participate in the teaching of the classes, along with various guest lecturers.

Since classes take place only four days out of a week, there will be ample time to enjoy Vienna, as well as other locations in Austria, and cities and countries nearby, such as Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, and Ljubljana. Program field trips in the past have included visits to the Vienna Bar, the Supreme Court of Austria, a steel plant, a wind farm, a hospital, and sites around Vienna — all according to the content of the courses taught.

Vienna is home to many nongovernmental organizations and offers a fantastic opportunity for students to work within practicing public interest law firms. As part of Prof. Virgil’s class, the Vienna summer program will offer students internship placements with nongovernmental organizations that are engaged with human rights or civil rights work. Placements will be structured to reflect individual student interest and availability and students may take part in the internship before, during or after the summer session. The internship placement may qualify for an additional hour of course credit. Interested students should contact Prof. Virgil stating their areas of interest and preferred time for the placement, as soon as possible.

For more information about the program, please check out the links to the left. Questions? Please contact the International Graduate Programs office.

Interested law students at the University of Vienna should contact Professor Richard Gamauf at the Institute of Roman Law.