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Vienna Guide

Vienna is a beautiful and safe city. Check out the Vienna Magazine 2017. It gets quite warm there in July but it can also be cool, especially in the evenings and at night. You should pack a range of comfortable and nicer clothes. Viennese tend to look quite nice when they go out to eat or to evening entertainments.

Here are more tips about planning your trip to and living in Vienna: Vienna Information and Travel Tips.

The Vienna International Dance Festival is typically held in the month of July and August. Visit this website for more information.

City Websites & Vienna Guides

Suggested books: If you would like to purchase a travel guide about Austria and/or Vienna specifically, we suggest the travel guides by Lonely Planet. These books can be found in most bookstores, through Amazon, or the Lonely Planet website.

Restaurants and Food

  • Enjoying international foodEach summer in Vienna, there is a music and international food fair located in front of the Rathaus. People enjoy free music and international food fairs.
  • Restaurant suggestions: A great restaurant on the Danube is the Ufertaverne.  There is a great Turkish restaurant called Kent.  For those who want to spend a little more:  Ella’s is great.  For more information about restaurants in Vienna, click here.
  • Check out this blog entry written by a Wake student who studied in Vienna. She suggests various places to try Viennese desserts.

Travel outside of Vienna

Picture of the Alps

If you plan on traveling to countries near Vienna (Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic), you should make your own inquiries about additional documentary requirements, such as visas. You might also look into the usefulness of Eurail Pass.

If you choose to travel outside of Vienna on the weekends, you should consider traveling with others, and leave your itinerary with your faculty director or other students who are staying in Vienna. We also suggest letting your parents or emergency contacts back at home know where you will be traveling. Letting others know where you will be (including hostel or hotel information) at all times is a best practice for traveling in case of emergencies and for your safety.

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