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The Venice Summer Program

**We regret that we will be unable to offer our Venice Study Abroad program in Summer 2014. We look forward to offering the program again in Summer 2015.**

The Summer program in Venice is open to Wake Forest law students, as well as law students from other U.S. law schools.

The dates for summer 2014 are June 30-July 24, 2014. Our summer study program in Italy ordinarily takes place in Venice for the full four weeks of the program. This summer 2014, however, Wake Forest University is renovating Casa Artom so that it will not be available for student housing. This circumstance has presented us with a wonderful opportunity to explore other summer study options in Italy. Consequently, this coming summer the program will be held in two locations. The first two weeks of the program will be held at the University of Padua summer school facility in Brixen/Bressanone in the Italian Alps.  Brixen (the German name for the city)/Bressanone (the Italian name) is about two hours north of Verona, Italy, and about one hour south of Innsbruck, Austria. It is located in a stunningly picturesque town with mountains on all sides. The second two weeks of the program will be held in Venice so that students can be on site for the famous Festa del Redentore when all of Venice comes out in boats to watch an incredible display of fireworks over the Bacino San Marco in central Venice. Classes will be held at the University of Padua facility in Bressanone and at the Istituto Veneto in Venice. Housing will be made available to students in both locations for a combined price that will be competitive with what has historically been charged for Casa Artom.

Brixen/Bressanone Central Square

Brixen/Bressanone Central Square

As usual, the program will happen with the cooperation of our academic partners at the University of Padua led by Professor Bernardo Cortese. Professor Cortese and his colleagues will teach several classes both in Bressanone and in Venice. There will also be one day of class held in the historic law school of the University of Padua. It was the second law school founded in Italy which makes it the second oldest law school in the world. Law students from the University of Padua will be enrolled in the class to make this a very special cross-cultural legal experience. Getting to know the Italian students, learning from them, and exploring Italy with them has always been a highlight of the Wake Law study abroad experience.

Professor Schneider will be taking the group to Italy this coming summer and teaching the course that he taught there last summer. The course is based on the philosophy of his Law, Literature, and Culture class taught every spring here at the Law School. It explores legal themes in literature and films and helps students to see the law and the workings of the law in society with a renewed perspective. He will also be teaching a class on EU law.

Law, Literature and Culture (Examples from Italy, and some detours) will be offered during summer 2014. Click here for a course description.

Please check out the links to the left for more information about our Venice program. Questions? Contact the International Graduate Programs office.

Interested Italian students should contact the program’s co-director Professor Bernardo Cortese at the University of Padua. (The Wake Forest School of Law and the Faculty of Law of the University of Padua have an agreement for cooperation in teaching activities, research initiatives and academic exchange – including the summer program in Venice.)