Studying in Venice

The law school offers two courses during the summer program in Venice, one on Law, Literature and Culture, and another on the legal basis of the European Union.

Classes are held in the newly renovated classroom in the Wake Forest University Property Casa Artom four days a week, Monday through Thursday, usually from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Class times may vary to accommodate guest speakers’ schedules and field trips. Past field trips have included visits to courthouses, administrative offices, private law offices, and a chemical plant on the Venetian lagoon.

Course materials and reading assignments will be assigned in advance and easily obtained. You should expect daily reading assignments, which students often complete during the afternoon quiet times when many shops and museums are closed.

Italian students are an integral part of the summer program. Italian students, selected on the basis of their English proficiency and interest in comparative law, participate in the courses and all program activities. In the past, Italian law students and recent graduates have come to the program primarily from the law faculty of the University of Padua, as well as the Universities of Venice, Ferrara, Florence and Bologna.

For many students, the most rewarding aspect of the summer program is the opportunity to meet, study and become friends with students from another country. Both American and Italian students have a chance to share their perspectives on their own legal education, as well as their country’s law system and legal profession.