Studying in Vienna

The law school offers two courses for a total of 5 credits during the Vienna summer program, each on a different comparative law topic. Students take both of the courses.

Classes are held in air-conditioned classrooms at the University of Vienna four days a week, Monday through Thursday, usually from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The University of Vienna is located in the historic center of Vienna. Class times may vary to accommodate guest speakers’ schedules and field trips. Law students from the University of Vienna attend all classes and take the courses for credit.

For many students, the most rewarding aspect of the summer program is the opportunity to meet, study with, and become friends with students from other countries, all of whom attend the University of Vienna and have been selected on the basis of their interest in the courses and their proficiency in English. Interactions with University of Vienna students are facilitated further by the fact that the American students live in flats in Vienna instead of in the Flow Haus which is a distance from the law school.

Course materials and reading assignments will be available for you when you arrive in Vienna. The materials may be made available electronically but it is also possible that you will be asked to purchase materials before you leave for Vienna. You should expect daily reading assignments.