The London Summer Program

London Study Abroad Summer 2024: May 25 – June 22, 2024

The summer program in London is open to Wake Forest law students, as well as law students from other U.S. law schools.

Courses offered are fully comprehensible to students who have completed their first year of law school. Established since 1981, the London program offers significant opportunities to explore our common law heritage in London and other locations in England.

All classes are conducted in the Worrell House, which is owned by Wake Forest University, and is also where most students live. Worrell house is located near Hampstead, North London. The program also includes several day trips and visits to London courts and government buildings, where students are introduced to English lawyers, jurists, and academics. In the past, the program has also included visits to Oxford and Cambridge where noted English academics have addressed our students.

The majority of students, up to 14, elect to live in Worrell House. If not enough spaces are available in Worrell House to accommodate all students, Wake Forest is available to assist students who need help in finding housing.  Such housing, if needed, will be a convenient distance from Worrell House but may involve public transportation.

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