Housing in Vienna

Vienna offers a wide range of housing alternatives. Living arrangements in Vienna are the responsibility of each student or group of students. Students can choose from city flats, hotels (expensive and inexpensive), pensione, and dorm-like accommodations. The Haus Döbling is an example of the latter. It is a dorm-style complex that requires about a 15-minute trip on public transportation to get to the University of Vienna classrooms.  Students in the past have for the most part found flats in Vienna by using various websites such as:

It is obviously cheaper if you agree to live with another student or students in the program.  Vienna has extremely efficient and convenient public transportation so the law school will be accessible from all locations around the city.  Living in the city may seem more challenging than living in Wake Forest housing but past Vienna program students have been uniformly very positive about the experience.  Aside from the increased proximity to restaurants and other attractions in Vienna, living in flats makes interactions with the Austrian and other European students much more immediate and convenient.

Additional information or advice about housing can be obtained from Graduate Programs office. It is highly advisable to lock in housing arrangements as soon as possible once you have been accepted into the program.