Class in Vienna

Courses Offered in Vienna

The following courses were offered during summer 2017. Please check back soon for Summer 2020 courses.
Course Title: Entrepreneurship, the Lawyer and the Start-Up Firm (3 credits), taught by Professor Steve Virgil
This class explores the legal issues related to the conception and launch of new enterprises and the law firms that serve clients who are launching new enterprises. Students will look at the range of legal issues that face entrepreneurs in the tech start-up space. Regardless of their location, start-ups face a similar range of concerns. Among these: how will founders retain control, how will ownership be apportioned, what is needed to protect IP and how to exit. The U.S. and EU systems treat such concerns differently.
The class will approach these and similar issues from a comparative perspective which will engage students in considering launch in the U.S. under our domestic laws prior to travel to Europe where we will engage the same questions from the EU perspective. Students can expect to gain familiarity with the legal issues surrounding the formation of new enterprises including: entity selection, IP protection and capital formation along with the concerns facing the creative leaders who launch new ventures. The course will consider trade law in context. You will take advantage of the location to meet with law firms, tech transfer and business leaders to gain deeper understanding of how the profession serves entrepreneurs.
Field Work and Externships:
The classes will take advantage of the location. Vienna has a robust start-up community. Students will go for visits to business incubators and tech transfer offices in the host city.
Externships with start-ups will be arranged for those students who are interested in doing something like this. There are possibilities of placements with law firms, but these are very difficult to secure due to local practice rules. Externships may run concurrently or consecutively with the course work. If approved, the professor will agree to supervise externships under the field placement options, allowing for students to earn additional academic credit during the summer.
This is a paper class that will be graded for credit. Field placements would be graded as pass/fail credit.
Course title:  Introduction to the Civil Law (2 credits), taught by Professor Steve Virgil
This class will provide students with an introductory overview of the civil law system, beginning from the origins of the Justinian Code and moving to present day. Students may expect to gain an historical perspective on the development of the civil law system and the interconnection between this system and the U.S. legal system. The course will mostly be taught on-line prior to travel to Europe and will require independent research in fulfillment of a final paper.

Non Wake Forest law students should confirm with their own schools that the credits for this program will be fully transferable.